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July 2, 2024
Arielle Eunice Sindhunata
July 2, 2024

Internship Grants

Reynardi Larope Sutanto, a recent graduate with an MD from Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta, brings a unique perspective shaped by his origins in a small city in eastern Indonesia. Recognizing the multifaceted intersection of medicine, healthcare, politics, humanities, and social sciences, he has chosen bioethics as his avenue to explore and contribute to society.

During his internship with the Bioethics Cluster of IMERI-FKUI, he is eager to engage deeply in scholarly discussions and research under the mentorship of Dr. Prawirohardjo. Their focus includes pressing topics such as palliative care, artificial intelligence (AI), and the ethics of genetic modification. Together, they aspire to publish their findings and advocate for targeted policy reforms within Indonesia, aiming to illuminate the potential regional impacts of their work in Southeast Asia.

Driven by enthusiasm to learn and contribute, he looks forward to leveraging his skills and experiences to make meaningful contributions to the evolving field of bioethics.