Clinical Ethics Malaysia
December 27, 2023
Ethical Considerations in Developing Precision Medicine in a Low- and Middle-Income Nation: Malaysia’s Perspectives
December 27, 2023

Migration health ethics in Southeast Asia: a scoping review

The Southeast Asia Bioethics Network's scoping review addresses the ethics of healthcare and research involving marginalised migrant populations in Southeast Asia (SEA). The review highlights the complex nature of migration in SEA, driven by economic, forced displacement and environmental factors. It emphasises the global impact of migration, noting that migrant health often takes a back seat in policymaking, with responses focusing on disease control rather than nuanced health considerations. Migration is portrayed as a dynamic determinant of health, with potential positive and negative impacts on migrants' well-being. The review underscores the interdisciplinary role of bioethics, discussing ethical considerations in healthcare access and research involving migrants. Identified research gaps include a lack of empirical bioethics research, insufficient focus on migrant children, and limited attention to the quality of migrant healthcare. In conclusion, the review advocates for an ethical approach to policymaking, research and clinical practice. The Southeast Asia Bioethics Network is highlighted as a crucial platform to advance ethical considerations for migrants in the region.
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