Regulatory and Ethical Challenges in Moving Health Data: Same-same, but Different
December 27, 2023
Global Forum on Bioethics in Research 2024 : Essay Competition
April 29, 2024


The webinar titled "Decolonisation of Bioethics: Lessons for Southeast Asia," hosted by the Southeast Asia Bioethics Network, gathered esteemed speakers and participants to explore the intricate dynamics of bioethical research in the region. Dr. Voo Teck Chuan from Singhealth Singapore and Dr. Ong Ai Kiang, Serene from the National University of Singapore moderated the event, setting the stage for insightful discussions. The panel featured Professor Dr. Angus Dawson from the National University of Singapore, Associate Professor Dr. Caesar Atuire from the University of Ghana and Dr. Mark Tan Kiak Min from Universiti Teknologi MARA, each providing unique perspectives on decolonising bioethics in Southeast Asia. Dr. Ong Ai Kiang, Serene introduced the Southeast Asia Bioethics Network, emphasising its commitment to amplifying diverse voices and addressing the needs of marginalised populations in the region. Dr. Voo Teck Chuan underscored the importance of challenging Western-centric approaches while integrating diverse perspectives in bioethical research. Professor Angus Dawson delivered a thought-provoking presentation on neo-colonialism in bioethics, advocating for inclusivity and the recognition of local values and practices. Associate Professor Caesar Atuire focused on decolonisation within the African context, highlighting the need to address historical injustices and empower marginalised communities. Dr. Mark Tan Kiak Min explored the imperative of contextualising bioethics in Southeast Asia, emphasising the region's valuable contributions to the global discourse. The panel discussion delved into structural power imbalances, challenges in integrating diverse perspectives and the necessity of fostering inclusivity in bioethical discourse. The webinar concluded with a call to action for scholars to actively engage in decolonising efforts and advocate for the integration of diverse perspectives in bioethics. The Southeast Asia Bioethics Network remains committed to shaping a more inclusive and equitable bioethics landscape in the region and beyond.